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PLAY works.

"If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play." - John Cleese

I design transformational experiences through play-based activities to spark curiosity, encourage risk-taking, and inspire innovation.


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Roger’s sessions boosted the productivity of the workshop and instilled a mindset of learning, introspection and collaboration among participants. The value added was significant.
— Jean Louis Racine, The World Bank.
With a sense of quality and exuberance, Roger has a remarkably interactive workshop that draws the best out of our students. I would urge any employers who are looking to find somebody who can bring innovation, creativity, and confidence out of the participants to definitely consider Roger Manix.”
— JD Schramm. Graduate School of Business, Stanford University
Roger’s talents and abilities are incredible. The workshop imparts a renewed rigor for work, relationships and life in general. He connects very well irrespective of age, sex or cultural backgrounds. I wish for the maximum number of individuals to attend his workshops and reap the benefits of these thought provoking life-changing tools.
— Dr. Vandana Jain. Head of Cornea & Refractive Surgery at Advanced Eye Hospital
I came to be at one of Roger’s collaboration workshops because I was a curious skeptic. After my first hit I was a complete convert. For five years now I have been bringing Roger into a wide range of events and activities and am always struck by how transformative the experience can be for first time participants and return devotees. Don’t hesitate to see for yourself.
— Lisa Grocott. Parsons School of Design

"Work does not work without play." - Dr. Stuart Brown, Assistant Consulting Professor at Stanford University, TED Speaker

About Me


I had an idea. I called a colleague at Stanford's Graduate School of Business.

Me: “I’d like to teach a workshop to your MBA candidates rooted in Play.”
Him: “Hmm. Why?”
Me: “I think we need to train future business leaders to possess strong non-cognitive skills in order for them to thrive professionally and personally. And I’m pretty sure (gulp!) Play is the way to go.”
Him: “Hmm. Ok. If it works — come back. If not — don’t.”

It worked.

The success at the business school led me to working with other departments, other universities, and ultimately to organizations invested in building strong cultures.

Roger’s presence and enthusiasm are simply mesmerizing. His workshop took me on a beautiful and deep learning journey discovering the power of play. It’s been an exceptionally inspirational experience that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking to strengthen one’s inner source of creativity. - Isabella P.


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